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25 Jun 2012 Katerina marriagewritingpreproduction
Rehearsals Start

Over summer we rehearsed on every possible occasion we could find. We fleshed out the characters, the actors giving invaluable input as to who they thought they can be.

We consumed copious amounts of coffee and chatted about life. We analyzed relationships till the cows came home. We argued about the state of Europe and the institution of marriage.

15 Apr 2012 Katerina marriagewriting

I’m closely watching the events unfolding in the Eurozone and I feel reinforced that the subject matter and its delivery couldn’t possibly be more current. I hear a lot of encouraging words too from Paul and friends and that’s what a girl needs in times of OAP. (overwhelming activity period). The last two months of auditions brought us some gems. The final list of five will shortly be drawn.

18 Mar 2012 Katerina marriagewriting
The casting process

I have cast pretty much every production I have made in the past and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I know exactly what I am looking for and in some way it’s more cost effective for someone in my circumstances to do the casting than hire anyone from the industry and brief them.

04 Feb 2012 marriagewriting
Six Months to Prepare

We have less than six months to cast the film, rehearse, find the space, build the set, arrange accommodation, import the right gear, lights, lenses and equipment, do tests, find a crew, coordinate everybody, rewrite scenes, sort out the money and draw up contracts. The jobs we would do between us would have been done in average-budget films by, wait !– - at least 50 people.

10 Dec 2011 marriagewriting
Marriage was Born

On December 2011, after typing FADE OUT on my Final Draft, I pour myself a glass of mulled wine and close my eyes in quiet satisfaction. The play had evolved into a screenplay and all the endless possibilities of plots and answers were alive in to one solid story that had in its core one universal question: what is the price of love?

07 Sep 2011 Kat marriagewriting
Look Closely

I met more people, from different countries, spent countless hours knocking out scenarios about where the world and especially our continent is going, like you do in those long bonding sessions on cold winter evenings. I heard lots of stories, especially personal and behind every story was a love affair. Love was integral to every single story I’ve heard about people worrying, suffering, committing suicide. Love for times lost and for an unrealised dream. Fear of letting their families down and losing their love.

03 May 2011 Kat marriagewriting
Director's Personal Journey

It was during a visit to Athens, Greece, to see my mother, when I was caught in the riots, admittedly one of the worst of the last 5 years. I went down as an active participant, joining the friends that I knew are suffering badly, adding to their voices. This is the crux of all demonstrations, is it not? Let the people’s voices be heard. However that opportunity was shattered when a battalion of anarchists rained down on the march from all corners with Molotov cocktails in hand targeting the riot police nearby. In no time the peaceful protesters disbanded and what was left was a battlefield of hoods, tear gas and wounded shields.


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