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21 Mar 2016 Paul techpostproduction
The truth about LUTs

LUTs have been seen as the holy grail and the very embodiment of the devil itself. The truth, as always, is somewhere in between. This post will attempt to show you what a LUT does and when it doesn’t do it very well.

17 Mar 2016 Paul reviewtechproduction
LumeCube LED Lights

Lume Cube LED LightI happened upon these little lights and out of curiosity ordered a couple. There are a number of small battery powered LED lights out there now, at a variety of price points. My go to light is an Area 48, which is stunning light in terms of quality, flexibility and, sadly, cost. I also have a small LED panel from Aladdin as well as a bi-flex lite panel, both of which i really rate. With the ability to become more and more portable on the camera side of things, it’s wonderful to see the numbers of lighting options increase too. I can fit a full 4K recording package, with lenses into a backpack.

10 Feb 2015 Paul techpostproduction
Sony a7s Exposure and Noise Workflow with UHD and Odyssey 7Q Plus

Is it always better to record the A7s via 8 bit UHD and downsample for HD delivery? Or is the in-camera scaling of the 4K sensor for HD, via the built in XAVC codec just as good?

25 Jan 2015 Paul techproductionreview
Area 48 Remote Phosphor Light Review

This has been my favourite light since i got it at the beginning of the year (actually last year now, how time flies). Review done.

31 Jul 2014 Paul techpostproductionreview
Inside cDNG Files

DNG, a digital negative, was designed to hold the RAW sensor data from your camera. This post is specifically focused on the RAW data from the FS700 via the Odyssey 7Q. Both the 2K and 4K RAW but should apply to other cameras. cDNG is cinema DNG which is a superset of the DNG standard and it’s becoming more common with support increasing all the time - although when it comes to valid workflows it’s the wild-west out there.

10 Oct 2013 Paul techpostproductionreview
Indie Post Network, 10GigE and Synology

A big facilities house will spend a lot of time and money on their infrastructure and network as the performance of this will have a knock on effect on practically everything they do. Typically, networks will be SAN based and the costs can run quite stratospheric. Here's a quick run down of some typical options

07 Oct 2013 Paul techpostproduction
SLog2 Redux

Slog tests fs700Our original SLog article (Sony FS700 Slog in 8bit comparison) created some discussion around the results, with quite a few believing that the camera is capable of more than we showed. Just to reiertate here, we showed a very conservative and useful range. The point at which you feel there is no detail is dependent on how much noise you accept. Of course the transmission step wedge used to test with could be at fault (unlikely) but i think the real reason is that this kind of testing is a little flawed if you take absolutes from it. Art Adams did a series of tests too, in his workflow he concentrated on the green channel to test with, we did the red channel which is usually a worst case scenario. Also if the white balance is off slightly that will also affect the results.

26 Sep 2013 Paul techpostproduction
Sony FS700 Slog in 8bit comparison

The new firmware v3 for the FS700 gave us 4K RAW but it also gives the standard camera some new curves to record with, these are SLog2 and 800%REC709. Sonys reason for adding them is primarily to help with monitoring RAW recording on the LCD, the SLog2 adds a massive amount of detail in the highlights which gets around how to monitor the large dynamic range of RAW on the internal LCD.

13 Mar 2013 Paul tech
Quadro vs GTX Graphics Cards, Consumer or Pro?

It's a common dilemma. You need a graphics card for post production: do you go with a consumer/gaming card or a 'proper' workstation card?

11 Aug 2012 Paul marriagereviewtech
Inline Dolly The ladder dolly from InlineDolly The ladder dolly from InlineDolly Inline Dolly

We knew we wanted some kind of decent dolly. We had a slider, which was a bit lightweight but useful for some moves but we needed something longer. We'd considered a floor dolly and in fact at one point we were hoping to get someone on board who also happened to have a Chapman but sadly for all sorts of reasons we were unable to get things to work out, also the floor of the location was only smooth-ish. It was polished concrete but with quite a few bumps and joins. Most importantly a lot of the drama plays out in the main bed and so it would be useful to be able to get over the bed.

04 Feb 2012 Paul marriagetechpreproduction
Planning Production

The challenge: to produce a feature with a micro (is there a sub micro level?) budget so that no one watching even knows that was ever an issue.


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