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17 Mar 2016 Paul reviewtechproduction
LumeCube LED Lights

Lume Cube LED LightI happened upon these little lights and out of curiosity ordered a couple. There are a number of small battery powered LED lights out there now, at a variety of price points. My go to light is an Area 48, which is stunning light in terms of quality, flexibility and, sadly, cost. I also have a small LED panel from Aladdin as well as a bi-flex lite panel, both of which i really rate. With the ability to become more and more portable on the camera side of things, it’s wonderful to see the numbers of lighting options increase too. I can fit a full 4K recording package, with lenses into a backpack.

25 Jan 2015 Paul techproductionreview
Area 48 Remote Phosphor Light Review

This has been my favourite light since i got it at the beginning of the year (actually last year now, how time flies). Review done.

12 Oct 2013 Paul reviewproduction
AirBox Softbox lights for LEDs

Airbox Softbox light in useThis is such a simple but elegant idea that i'm kicking myself that I didn't come up with it! The AirBox light solves one of the more annoying issues with all those LED panels out there -- how to diffuse the light so it's actually soft. Without any form of diffusion the hundreds of little LEDs combine to produce fairly harsh light and ropey shadows. Most LED Panels allow for some diffusion to be attached to the front but it's a little too close to the panel itself and doesn't always produce that nice a result.


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