We are a small creative production company. Our blog covers everything from the art to the tech of producing content. Our current project is the feature film Marriage.
25 Jun 2012 Katerina marriagewritingpreproduction
Rehearsals Start

Over summer we rehearsed on every possible occasion we could find. We fleshed out the characters, the actors giving invaluable input as to who they thought they can be.

We consumed copious amounts of coffee and chatted about life. We analyzed relationships till the cows came home. We argued about the state of Europe and the institution of marriage.

16 Jun 2012 Katerina marriagepreproduction
Casting almost Finished

I have cast 70% of the film plus my two main leads: Woman and Rich. Played by Miranda Magee and Christopher Slater.

04 Feb 2012 Paul marriagetechpreproduction
Planning Production

The challenge: to produce a feature with a micro (is there a sub micro level?) budget so that no one watching even knows that was ever an issue.


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