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22 Oct 2013 Paul postproductionnukevfx
Moving from After Effects to Nuke

After Effects to Nuke ImageAs part of the plan for our feature we chose to invest in the Nuke compositor as well as use the Adobe suite. There are a number of reasons why and also before I get too used to Nuke i though it might be useful to jot down some experiences and assumptions i made along the way. The kind of misconceptions that seem obvious once you're using something but forget the little 'epiphanies' you made along the way. Perhaps this will make someone else's life a little easier if they're considering the move too.

12 Oct 2013 Paul reviewproduction
AirBox Softbox lights for LEDs

Airbox Softbox light in useThis is such a simple but elegant idea that i'm kicking myself that I didn't come up with it! The AirBox light solves one of the more annoying issues with all those LED panels out there -- how to diffuse the light so it's actually soft. Without any form of diffusion the hundreds of little LEDs combine to produce fairly harsh light and ropey shadows. Most LED Panels allow for some diffusion to be attached to the front but it's a little too close to the panel itself and doesn't always produce that nice a result.

10 Oct 2013 Paul techpostproductionreview
Indie Post Network, 10GigE and Synology

A big facilities house will spend a lot of time and money on their infrastructure and network as the performance of this will have a knock on effect on practically everything they do. Typically, networks will be SAN based and the costs can run quite stratospheric. Here's a quick run down of some typical options

07 Oct 2013 Paul techpostproduction
SLog2 Redux

Slog tests fs700Our original SLog article (Sony FS700 Slog in 8bit comparison) created some discussion around the results, with quite a few believing that the camera is capable of more than we showed. Just to reiertate here, we showed a very conservative and useful range. The point at which you feel there is no detail is dependent on how much noise you accept. Of course the transmission step wedge used to test with could be at fault (unlikely) but i think the real reason is that this kind of testing is a little flawed if you take absolutes from it. Art Adams did a series of tests too, in his workflow he concentrated on the green channel to test with, we did the red channel which is usually a worst case scenario. Also if the white balance is off slightly that will also affect the results.


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