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11 Dec 2011 Kat marriage writing
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First Drafts

Unlike other stories I have written in the past the first draft stared back at me, with an honesty and a great deal of confusion. It was not entirely written from the victims’ point of view (it was hard for me to choose which type of victim ) but from an angle where even the perpetrators of this crisis are victims in the chess board of (Corporate) Politics.

By that I don’t mean to “point the finger at anyone”. Quite the opposite. Point the finger to everyone. Put out there everyone’s agenda (of course only from my humble and non-expertise point of view).

I started reading every article and public opinion available in the Media, creating folders of each country’s timeline in the Euromess, joined online debates whether ‘PIGS need to be slaughtered’ and after a year or so of extensive in depth analytical research formed a sufficient enough opinion as to what I wanted to say. Which was a big fat question mark. Where are things heading? How can I finish my story? I couldn’t, because the drama is not over yet. It is still unfolding. And nobody knows what will happen. How much we know is how much the media allows us, the rest is whom you know, where you work, where you live, what you love, how you think. It’s all one big fat question mark and that is what the conclusion of all my research was.

I wrote a play so I can ask a question. I wasn’t happy unless I made the question appealing. A question that everyone could relate to. A question that would touch as many as possible.

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