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17 Jan 2017 Paul postproduction tech red
Using Red Footage in Premiere and Lumetri

This is a very short post to cover a few points about using the new Red Pipeline footage (IPP2) in Premiere Pro CC. The approach here is one of many and i’m not sure if it’s even the best way to go about this, but right now it works and i’ll try to explain why.

21 Mar 2016 Paul techpostproduction
The truth about LUTs

LUTs have been seen as the holy grail and the very embodiment of the devil itself. The truth, as always, is somewhere in between. This post will attempt to show you what a LUT does and when it doesn’t do it very well.

17 Mar 2016 Paul reviewtechproduction
LumeCube LED Lights

Lume Cube LED LightI happened upon these little lights and out of curiosity ordered a couple. There are a number of small battery powered LED lights out there now, at a variety of price points. My go to light is an Area 48, which is stunning light in terms of quality, flexibility and, sadly, cost. I also have a small LED panel from Aladdin as well as a bi-flex lite panel, both of which i really rate. With the ability to become more and more portable on the camera side of things, it’s wonderful to see the numbers of lighting options increase too. I can fit a full 4K recording package, with lenses into a backpack.

01 Nov 2015 Kat marriage
A year has passed

A year has passed since we last updated and in that year the world has seen the escalating drama of the refugees right on their doorstep. The biggest displacement of human wave since WWII.

01 Aug 2015 Paul
Sony A7s - how to expose - cine or log?

We’ve a bunch of exterior shoots coming up and i’ve been seriously considering the A7s over the FS700 because if it’s size and the fact that it can be rigged and gimballed easily. Last article we looked at issues of resolution and increasing colour depth by downsampling. We know that approach works well.

10 Feb 2015 Paul techpostproduction
Sony a7s Exposure and Noise Workflow with UHD and Odyssey 7Q Plus

Is it always better to record the A7s via 8 bit UHD and downsample for HD delivery? Or is the in-camera scaling of the 4K sensor for HD, via the built in XAVC codec just as good?


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